The US Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded the Livestock-Climate Change Collaborative Research Support Program (LCC CRSP) to Colorado State University in 2010. The LCC CRSP has its origins in the Global Livestock CRSP (GL CRSP) at UC Davis which ended in 2009. In 2013, USAID mandated a name change for all CRSPs. We are transitioning from a CRSP to a Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Collaborative Research on Adapting Livestock Systems to Climate Change.The new CSU Innovation Lab supports integrated research that helps small-scale livestock holders adapt to environmental and health impacts of climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

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Researchers Bring Farmers Together to Share Experiences and Techniques

In January, researchers working on the project Improving Nutrition and Productivity of Buffaloes to adapt to the Impacts of Climate Change in Nepal,  traveled along with Nepali farmers to several different regions of Nepal to bring different groups of farmers together so that they could learn from each other and become aware of the potential of dairy farming with forage based feeding systems.

Dr. Chet Raj Upreti, Dr. Nabaraj Devkota, and Dr. Lok Nath Paudel set out to gain knowledge on buffalo farming from a variety of sites including government farms, outreach research sites, and commercial buffalo farms. They also aimed to learn about climate studies done in different parts of Nepal so that they could compare data with Innovation Lab research sites, and discover the techniques being used by other organizations to maximize buffalo production, and mitigate the climatic effect of buffalo and fodder production.

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